• Daily Astrology for January 15, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense. Instead of doing a sweet Astro Word of the Day, I'm going into a deeper interpretation of the Inauguration chart for January 20. We've looked at the Mars Uranus conjunction. We've looked at Jupiter and Saturn who have moved from Capricorn into Aquarius. Yesterday we got to know Neptune squaring the Moon's Nodes. (If you missed any of those, go here and you can read them all www.susiecox.com/blog). Today I want to explain the big event happening this Sunday, Janu…

  • Daily Astrology for January 14, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense. We're looking at the Inauguration chart until January 20th. My Astro Word of the Day is Intense every day until then. It's the only word that applies to the astrology now. I've already looked at Mars joining radical Uranus as well as Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Today I want to look at the other red lines with Neptune, who is square to the Moon's Nodes. The best part of Neptune is spirituality and the worst part of Neptune is fear and being unclear. Neptune …

  • Daily Astrology for January 13, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense. This is the time to be real and I just can't write Astro Words like creative or spiritual. Until the inauguration is over, the word is Intense every day. Instead, I've decided to interpret the chart of the inauguration that I'm posting each day. This is the most volatile chart I've ever seen and it warrants attention. Yesterday we looked at angry Mars who is joining unpredictable Uranus to bring chaos. Today I want to look at the Capricorn planets who have enter…

  • Daily Astrology for January 12, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense. This will be my word until after the Inauguration. Let's get to know this important chart a bit this week. Notice all the red lines in one bunch? They are pointing to Mars and Uranus, who are joining Exactly on January 20th, to the minute on noon in Washington DC! Mars is about high energy or anger. Uranus is about change or revolution. When they join, it brings a volatile time, which we are all experiencing now. Absolutely take things easy this week. Tempers coul…

  • Daily Astrology for January 11, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense. Everyone knows that I'm Miss Positivity, but things are shifting for me during this week. I just can't put sweet words like, completion or organization now. The Astro Word of the Day will be Intense through the Inauguration. Angry or driven Mars is joining unpredictable Uranus exactly on January 20th. This is not only affecting politics and the world stage, it's also affecting each of our daily lives. I'm feeling anxious and a bit clumsy, which is odd for me, sin…

  • Daily Astrology for January 8, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense. The astrology is quite startling right now, as you can see from the events in the world. Mars is doing a huge square or many red lines to the group of planets in revolutionary Aquarius and will be until after the inauguration. Nothing else is happening astrologically. This is the time for drastic change. Morning Planets Now is the time to get up early to see the Moon joining Venus in the predawn sky. You will be glad you saw this stunning pair.

  • Daily Astrology for January 7, 2021

    Word of the Day: The last of Mars in Aries. Mars has been in Aries since June 30th with a long retrograde to lengthen the time in his own feisty sign of Aries. Yesterday Mars entered Taurus, but Mars had his last hurrah in Aries with the rioters storming the Congress as they were counting the Electoral votes. Four people are dead as a result. Leave it up to Mars to make a big show before he leaves Aries. Ok, that was quite a Mars show. Morning Planets Now is the time to get up early to see the…

  • Daily Astrology for January 6, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Mars enters Taurus! Mars has been in his own sign of Aries since June 30th, 2020. Mars did a retrograde during that very long stay in Aries, which brought a time of unrest for the world. Mars in Taurus will be much more work-oriented and will want to move forward instead of arguing. Today is a big day of change! Morning Planets This is the week to get up early and watch the Moon heading towards bright Venus. It will be worth crawling out of bed early for this stunning pa…

  • Daily Astrology for January 5, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Completion. Mars is at the very end of his time in Aries now. Also, Mercury is leaving Capricorn soon too. So this is a time to wrap up the old projects you have been working on in preparation for a new beginning the end of this week. Prepare for something new. Morning Planets The most visible planets now are the Moon and Venus in the predawn sky. Mars is easily visible in the evening sky also.

  • Daily Astrology for January 4, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Sensitive. The Moon is in Virgo today and is opposite dreamy Neptune. You might feel slightly emotional today. See if you can do something creative and artistic and you can channel that emotion into something that makes you feel good. Morning Planets Jupiter and Saturn are getting lost in the glow of the Sun in the evening. The Morning will show more movement as the Moon nears Venus this week.

  • Daily Astrology for December 31, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Release. This is the last day of the rough year of 2020 and it is the time to let it all go. Tonight would be good to do a releasing ritual for all the things that you want to be done with. Make a list of the things you want to release and do a fire to burn it and let the Universe help you be free. Evening Planets Make sure to watch Jupiter moving away from Saturn. You can say goodbye to them because they will be lost in the glow of the Sun quite soon.

  • Daily Astrology for December 30, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Reflection. Now is the time to look back on the year of 2020 and see what you have learned from this rough year. What did you you accomplish, even during lockdowns? How much have you grown? Are you stronger than you were one year ago? I bet you are! Evening Planets Now is the time to watch Jupiter separate from Saturn. Soon they will both be lost in the glow of the Sun, so now is the time to watch them.

  • Daily Astrology for December 29, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Full Moon in Cancer. We have a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer today. This is the sign that loves to get together with family and friends for food and gatherings. Reach out to your loved ones, even if you can' get together with everyone. Make some yummy soup to make your house smell good. Evening Planets Watch the Sun set in the west and then turn around and watch the Full Moon rise in the east. Also, make sure to see the three visible planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Mars…

  • Daily Astrology for December 28, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Communication. Mercury is next to the Sun and the Moon is in Gemini now too. Both of those are good for connecting with people. Reach out and tell your friends and loved ones how much you care about them. End the year with love. Evening Planets Jupiter just passed by Saturn but they are both still easy to see now, especially with binoculars. You can watch how fast Jupiter moves away from Saturn.

  • Daily Astrology for December 23, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Celebration. Jupiter has passed by Saturn and a new phase has begun. Now is the time to celebrate and count all your blessings. Know that you can start fresh and the Universe is supporting you. Have a fantastic holiday! Evening Planets Even though Jupiter has passed by Saturn, they are still very close together and wil be fun to watch while they're separating. Use your binoculars!

  • Daily Astrology for December 22, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: New Beginnings. Now that Jupiter and Saturn have entered Aquarius, together, they brought a new era to the world. Everything is different now. Make changes in your life that will reflect this new energy. Let go of the old and replace it with the new. Now is the time! Evening Planets I really hope everyone saw Jupiter and Saturn last night. It's been so wonderful watching them join in the sky so closely. Still watch again for the next few evenings.

  • Daily Astrology for December 21, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Winter Solstice. Today is the big day everyone has been waiting for. The Winter Solstice with Jupiter and Saturn joining exactly in Aquarius. Today is a turning point in history! How many things can you change today? Try switching around big things and see if they stay! Evening Planets Tonight is the time to see Jupiter and Saturn joining exactly. Pull out your binoculars as they are so close together to see with the naked eye. Binoculars help a lot!

  • Astrology during Capricorn

    The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21st at 3:03 a.m., Mountain Time. Capricorn is the executive of the Zodiac and is associated with the taskmaster, Saturn. This sign is ambitious, hard-working, serious, accomplished and sophisticated. Capricorn is an earth sign and many are excellent gardeners or work with pottery. Builders and architect fall under this steady sign too. They can be rigid in their thoughts as well and in their bodies. Yoga is definitely not their thing. The first d…

  • What's Up for Your Sign during Capricorn?

    Capricorn Happy Birthday, Capricorn. You have a lot to celebrate this birthday month, because the group of Capricorn planets that have been pressuring you is now breaking up! Both Jupiter and Saturn just entered Aquarius. Celebrate all the accomplishments you have recently completed! You can relax a tiny bit. Aquarius We are now entering a phase of Aquarius. Both Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius on December 21st. New beginnings have already started in your life and will get stronger soon. Foc…

  • Daily Astrology for December 18, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Excitement. The Moon is in Aquarius now and will bring fun to this weekend. Do something unusual that you haven't done in a while. Be adventurous and bold. This Monday is the Winter Solstice and is worth celebrating early. Have as much fun and excitement as you can manage. Evening Planets I hope everyone is watching the Moon move past Jupiter and Saturn. Now the Moon is heading towards Mars the next few days. Enjoy this planetary viewing.....doesn't get much better than…

  • Daily Astrology for December 17, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: New Beginnings. The Moon is now in Aquarius and is right next to Saturn, who has also entered Aquarius. After all the focus and work you've done the last few days, this is the time to start something fresh. Anticipate what you want to accomplish and put it into motion. This is very exciting! Evening Planets I hope everyone is watching the Moon as she moves past Jupiter and Saturn. This is the best planetary viewing ever. Don't miss it tonight!

  • Daily Astrology for December 16, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Concentration. The Moon is in Capricorn now and is joining the other planets already there. With all this Capricorn energy, if you focus and don't get distracted, you can get a lot accomplished. Keep your head in the game and you will move forward nicely. Evening Planets Tonight and tomorrow nights are the times to watch the Moon move past Jupiter and Saturn. This is a rare event and is a must to see.

  • Daily Astrology for December 15, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Focus. The Moon has entered Capricorn and will be joining the other planets there for the next few days. This is the best time to get your holiday preparations all done. Finish your wrapping and baking this week and you will be ahead of the game. Evening Planets This is the most important week for planetary viewing! The New Moon will be moving past Jupiter and Saturn for the next few days. This is a rare treat you don't want to miss!

  • Daily Astrology for December 14, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: New Moon in Sag. Today is the New Moon as the Moon joins the Sun and are both in Sagittarius. This is the day to set your intentions for the next month. What do you want to accomplish? Make a long To-Do List and see how many items you can check off. Evening Planets Today is the New Moon but she is too closes to the Sun to be seen tonight. The next few days will be very exciting as the Moon moves past Jupiter and Saturn.

  • Daily Astrology for December 11, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Creativity. The Sun is square to artistic Neptune now. This is a good weekend to decorate, make cookies and use your imagination to make the world more beautiful. Be kind to yourself and others. Evening Planets Now is the time to watch Jupiter and Saturn as they get closer each night. They will join exactly on the Winter Solstice. Plan a little celebration.

  • Daily Astrology for December 10, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Imagination. The Sun is square to dreamy Neptune today and tomorrow. Now is the time to tap into your higher self, meditate, create art and relax. Trust that all is well and the Universe has the very best plans for you. Just assume you are on your correct path. Evening Planets I hope everyone is checking out Jupiter and Saturn getting closer each night. This is a rare event and we won't see this again. Don't miss them!

  • Daily Astrology for December 9, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Confidence. Mars is Aries is trine or a blue line to the Sagittarius planets now. This is a great time to stand up and speak your mind. How strong are you? Stronger than you think. Be bold. Evening Planets The only planets to be watching now are Jupiter and Saturn as they get closer together each evening. They will join on December 21.

  • Daily Astrology for December 8, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Accomplishments. The Moon is still in Virgo today and is aligning with the Capricorn planets to help us get a lot done. Focus on what you want to do and it will happen. Don't give into distractions and you will be satisfied. The planets to watch for the next couple of weeks are Jupiter and Saturn. Watch how close they are getting to each other. This is the best planetary viewing ever!

  • Daily Astrology for December 7, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Organization. The Moon is in Virgo now and is a great time to plan for your week. Make a short Virgo To-Do List and start checking the items off one by one. The planets in Sagittarius aren't very disciplined, so Virgo will help. Evening Planets The big event happening in the sky now is Jupiter joining Saturn. This the only image I'll be posting until Winter Solstice when they meet each other. It's that big of a deal. Don't Miss It!

  • Daily Astrology for December 4, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Celebration. The Moon is in powerful Leo today and this weekend. Celebrate as much as you can now, even if it's just dancing in your own house to loud music. Have fun, regardless of the outside situation in the world. You are in charge of your happiness, not the news. Evening Planets Now is the time to watch Jupiter and Saturn getting closer each night. This is a rare event and we are lucky to be able to see them in the evening sky. Don't miss this planetary show!

  • Daily Astrology for December 2, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Action. The Sun in Sag is trine to Mars in Aries and will be for the next few days. This is a time to make key decisions and stick to them. You will feel stronger than you have in a while and will relish moving forward. If you feel a bit annoyed or agitated, just put that energy to changing things for the better. You might want to get moving physically too. Yes, take a hike. Evening Planets All week I'm posting the image of Jupiter and Saturn, because that is the most im…

  • Daily Astrology for December 1, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Anticipation. Passionate Venus in Scorpio is forming a blue line or trine to dreamy Neptune this week. Now is the time to plan for events coming up with an excitement in your thoughts. Something wonderful is about to happen and you can feel it. Just plan for an incredible month ahead. Yes, you are creating something amazing. Evening Planets The most important thing happening between the planets now is Jupiter and Saturn joining. Watch how close they are getting to each o…

  • Daily Astrology for November 30, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Lunar Eclipse. Today is the Full Moon in Gemini and it will be a penumbral eclipse, which is quite hard to see. But we will all feel it. Now is the time to make sudden changes to your life. Just release and let go of the past and you will feel free. Cleaning our some closets would help. Evening Planets There is a lunar eclipse tonight quite late. This isn't a total eclipse and will be much harder to see. But we will all feel it.

  • Astrology for the Presidential Election and the Inauguration

    What is everyone thinking about now? The 2020 Presidential Election! As always, Astrology offers clarity in confusing times. I’ve been studying the charts of the Election as well as the Inauguration and it’s time to share this knowledge with everyone. Just a warning . . . they are both bizarre charts. The main focus astrologically now is the grouping of planets that I’ve named the Capricorn Party. I know, it hasn’t been a fun party lately. This rare grouping of planets, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter…

  • Astrology during Scorpio

    The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 22nd at 4: p.m., Mountain Time. Scorpio is a water sign and is associated with the planet of intensity, none other than Pluto. Both Scorpio and Pluto are involved with letting go of whatever is no longer necessary. Not surprisingly, plastic surgeons, auditors, private investigators and plumbers are often this sign. I’ve named Scorpio the Strategist of the Zodiac. One they focus on something, it just gets done. They are also quite psychic, so don’t tr…

  • USA and its Pluto Return

    Countries can have an astrology chart, just like people, and it seems like a good time to look at the chart of the United States. We have the rare combination of a pandemic, economic disaster, race riots and a Presidential Election all at the same time. Somehow the US is experiencing a virus so deadly that it hasn’t been seen in a century. The economy as a result is more devastated and with more jobs lost than during the Great Depression and riots not seen since the 1960s. That all feels very Pl…

  • What's Up for Your Sign during Leo

    Leo Happy Birthday, proud Leo! Mid-August is a great time for you, especially around August 14th. Your Leo Sun is in a special alignment with Mars in Aries, making you even stronger than usual. Celebrate your uniqueness and confidence this birthday month. Virgo Your power dates this month are from September 23rd – 25th. Plan for important business or financial meeting during that time. You Sun will have a positive connection with the Capricorn planets as well as with Uranus. If you’re prepared, …

  • 2020: The Summer of Retrogrades

    The year of 2020 will go down as a very unusual year for many reasons. We have a nasty pandemic that has caused a global economic downturn approaching a recession. On top of that, there are international protests and rioting regarding the killing of the black man, George Floyd. To add to that, there are terrible fires in the mountains here in my beloved Tucson. Things are very hot and how does that show astrologically? Instead of having the usual four Eclipses, 2020 will have six Eclipses: Two S…

  • Astrological Preview for 2020

    Where do I start with this year? It’s going to be a real doozy, folks! The Capricorn Party of planets dominates the sky, especially for the beginning of the year, which will likely start with an historic Impeachment trial. At one point, All the planets will be in Capricorn except for Uranus and Neptune! I’ve never seen anything like this before and neither has the world. Print this article to use as a reference for the important events and dates for the upcoming year. Just so you can see what I’…

  • Jupiter Joins the Capricorn Party!

    As if the huge Capricorn Party wasn’t large enough, now the big guy Jupiter is entering this auspicious group of planets. All astrologers are talking about this so I wanted to share it with everyone. We are in historic times now and it can be seen easily with astrology. Even though I’ve written about this before, now that the time that this main grouping is here, it’s important enough to examine again. (Chart at the end of the article). Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 3rd and remains in tha…

  • Astrology of Prince

    Since music and astrology are my two passions, here is the chart for another musical icon: Prince. What a genius he was with both his lyrics and his music. If you listen to just a small riff, it’s easy to recognize the song as his. Somehow his rhythm is unique. Yes, I’m listening to Party Like it’s 1999, right now. Hey, I can dance and type at the same time! The music career of Prince started in 1977 when he was signed up with Warner Bros at the age of 17. Since then Prince has sold over 100 Mil…