The Astrology Comparison of Meghan, Harry and Lili

    Once people have their chart interpreted, the next thing many people do is compare it with their loved ones. How compatible are the charts? If someone’s Mars is joining your Sun, you will feel agitated by their energy. If the person’s Venus is joining your Sun, you will feel loved and supported. Usually there are positive as well as challenging angles between most charts. It is good to know your areas of harmony so you can focus on them. It’s also nice to be warned of your challenges so you can be aware of them and not be surprised, but instead, be prepared.

    For my last few newsletters, I have interpreted the charts of Meghan, Harry and their new little baby girl, Lilibet. This is the final article on this family where I will compare their charts with each other. I already compared Archie’s chart with them after he was born, so now it’s Lili’s turn to see how she gets along with her parents, astrologically.

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    To refresh ourselves with their charts, let’s start with Meghan. She was born on August 4, 1981 at 4:46 am in Los Angeles, California. Her Sun is in Leo, her Moon is in Libra with a Cancer rising sign. Meaghan has an easy chart to interpret since many of her planets are grouped together. One powerful grouping is her Leo planets in her 1st house. Leo is the sign of the entertainer and Meaghan was born to be a star, either on the screen or with media. Yes, royalty belongs to Leo. Her outspoken Mercury and North Node of destiny are part of this group to help her be even more prominent. She has to speak her mind, it’s in her chart and it must happen. Her other grouping is in Libra, the sign of relationships, in her 3rd house of communication. Once again, the theme here is speaking her mind. Her Cancer rising gives a focus on family. Every chart has a theme and Meghan’s is creating dialogue with her husband and his family so she can change family traditions. It sure looks that has happened as they left the Monarchy.

    Red lines indicate challenge while blue lines show talents. The red lines in Meghan’s chart are from her Leo, who has to speak her mind and how it affects her 7th house of marriage. Her other red line is from her Libra planets to Mars, which represents Harry.

    Her blue lines are mostly from her Libra need to communicate to her 7th house of marriage. Meghan needs to share her heart and mind with her husband. Her other blue line is from her Leo planets to Uranus in her 5th house of children. Uranus is the rebel and must change the status quo. She is like a Mama bear and wants to protect her children.

    To summarize her chart: Meghan is here to communicate her new ideas on a grand stage to help change family dynamics.

    Now let’s look at Harry’s chart. He was born on September 15, 1984 at 4:20 pm in Paddington, UK. His Sun is in Virgo, his Moon is in Taurus with a Capricorn rising sign. All of those are in earth signs, which is fairly rare to have the most important parts of his chart all in one element. Harry needs stability and not many surprises. All that earth explains the pomp and ceremony that he was raised with, until his marriage to Meghan, when it all changed.

    Looking at Harry’s chart, you can see why he is in the public eye. The upper section of the chart is about society as well as notoriety. The only planet not in that planetary array is the Moon in his 5th house of children. The Moon is about emotions and Harry is obviously very protective, considering the tragic loss of his beloved mother, Princess Diana.

    Harry has some tender red lines from his Virgo Sun to his Mars and Neptune in his 12th house. Mars is stressful and can indicate accidents. Neptune is the planet of abandonment, on its lowest level. His fear of loss is easy to see in his chart, which has dominated his life experience. Harry told Oprah that “his biggest fear was history repeating itself”. Harry’s other red lines come from his Mercury in Virgo, which needs to make decisions about his life patterns. It’s in the 8th house of other peoples’ money, which would explain the Monarchy and his inheritance. Harry has just written a tell-all memoir about his life as a Royal. He chose to leave the seemingly safe life as a Prince to protect his family from basically, the paparazzi.

    There are two different groupings of blue lines in Harry’s chart. Two of them are from his Mercury in Virgo to his planets in his 12th house of spirit. Because of his inner knowing, he has made huge decisions about his lifestyle. He will do just fine financially, even without his patronage from the Monarchy. He and Meghan just signed a big deal with Netflix as well as publishing a children’s book. They are just getting started, folks. Harry’s last blue line is from his Virgo Sun to his Taurus Moon in his house of children. He is here to protect his family.

    To summarize his chart: Harry is here to make huge decisions so he can protect his family as well as help other children.

    Now let’s look at the chart for their new little girl, Lili. Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on June 4, 2021 at 11:40 am in Santa Barbara, California. Her Sun is in Gemini, her Moon is in Aries with a Leo rising sign. Lili was born just a few days before a Solar Eclipse, which always makes a chart stronger. Her Sun and other planets are joined in her 10th house of recognition, which gives her a public presence as the world watches her grow up. Here Gemini Sun means she will be smart and talkative. She has something to tell everyone.

    Lili’s Moon is in Aries, the sign of the warrior. Aries is a fire sign and so is her Leo rising. Leo is the entertainer and the leader. She will not shy away from the public eye, that’s for sure.

    Looking at her red lines, or challenges, two of her four red lines go to her 10th house of reputation. They both go to family houses with the 4th house her birth family or heritage and her 7th house of marriage. She is going to be balancing her public and private life. Interestingly, Neptune squares her Mercury, very similar to Harry’s chart. She will be looking over her shoulder her entire life, just like her father. Another of her red lines is from Mars to Pluto, which gives her a fearlessness and drive. Her last red line is old-fashioned Saturn square to revolutionary Uranus. She is here to change the old patterns to new while breaking traditions.

    Lili has 5 blue lines with three of them going to the top of her chart. Secure Saturn in her 6th house is trine to her Gemini planets. She will be very determined and hard working. She has Venus trine Jupiter, which indicates beauty, good fortune and fame. Her last blue line is from Mars to Neptune in her 7th house of marriage. She is here to heal relationships and eventually have a good marriage.

    To summarize her chart: Lili will combine her intelligence and public persona to change the old ways into the new paradigm of the future. She will do this while maintaining privacy as well as speaking her mind.

    Now let’s compare Lili’s chart with her parents’ charts. Starting with Meghan. They both have a lot of Leo energy with Lili’s Leo rising that connects with Meghan’s Leo Sun and group of planets. Since Leo is leadership and confidence, Lili will share that with her mother. Lili is very smart, with all her Gemini planets, that will enhance Meghan’s loaded house of communication. It is likely they will be writing children’s books together. Their charts are very compatible with their lifetime themes. Both of them are here to communicate the truth in a public forum.

    Comparing Lili’s chart to Harry’s chart is an easy one. They both have most of their planets in the public section of the chart, which means they were born to be prominent in the public eye. Both of their charts have an important balance between their outside life and their family life. In addition, they both have a red line to Neptune, which puts a caution or fear in them. It was perfect that their family moved to a private estate in California instead of being stalked by the aggressive British paparazzi.

    Lili’s chart is a perfect combination of both of her parents’ charts. She has the intelligence and media savvy of her mother as well as the protectiveness and stability of her father. It will be so interesting to watch this family as their children grow up.


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