The Axis of Technology: Bezos, Gates and Zuckerberg

    The new Super Stars are billionaire geeks.

    Since Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google recently had to testify before Congress, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the charts for these high-tech moguls.

    Before we get to know their astrology, I want to understand what’s at the bottom of all this. The question is about anti-trust issues and is based on the Sherman Antitrust Act. Congress enacted this legislation in 1890 for the purpose of stopping monopolies. It  and has very seldom had to use it. The Act has two provisions. The first is “to prohibit interferences with trade and economic competition”. The second is “to monopolize any part of trade or commerce”. These are enforceable by the U.S. Department of Justice by issuing lawsuits in the federal courts. Therefore, its purpose is to ensure a competitive marketplace and to protect consumers from mistreatment.

    The Antitrust Act outlaws formal cartels, price fixing, excluding competition with the intention to form monopolies. The government agency created to deal with this issue is the Federal Trade Commission. The businesses found guilty can be dissolved by the federal court. Violations are also punishable by fines and imprisonment. One other interesting morsel is that any private parties hurt by the violations can sue for triple the amount of the damages done to them, which is called treble damages. Ok, that could add up to quite a chunk.

    According to the law, these behemoths, too-big-to-be controlled companies, just could be brought to their knees by being forced to change their ways, split up or be dissolved. Could that even happen when such a huge percentage of the economy dependent on them? Could Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook ever be dissolved? Can we see this in their astrology charts? Let’s find out.

    Jeff Bezos                              

    Ok, now we’re ready to look at their charts, starting alphabetically with Jeff Bezos. Jeff, the founder, CEO and President of Amazon, was born on January 12, 1964 at 11:33 am in Albuquerque, NM. Jeff’s Sun is in the business-oriented sign of Capricorn with his Moon in expansive Sagittarius with an innovative Aries rising sign. Looking at his chart, where does your eye get drawn? Right at the top where most of his planets are positioned. His Capricorn Sun is located in the 10th house of career and reputation and his Moon is in the 9th house of international exposure. He also has his Mercury there in Capricorn, which gives him a perfect business mindset. He’s extremely driven, focused and determined to succeed, as are most Caps. With all that Capricorn, he just knows how to get things done.

    The red lines in a chart describe the challenges while the blue lines show the talents and gifts. He only has three red lines and let’s look at the Jupiter in Aries on the left side of his chart. Jupiter is the planet of success, expansion and has a relentless focus on doing more and more. It was the planet that was rising in the east, which makes it quadruple the strength. In the sign of Aries means that he’s good at initiating new concepts. He invented a delivery system combined with the internet that was never done before. He is already the richest man in the world and has earned 75 Billion dollars during the pandemic in the first quarter of 2020  . . . that’s a sweet 33 Million dollars an hour. Ok, it looks like his Jupiter has done its job.

    The red lines to Jupiter are from his North and South Nodes, the points in the chart that describe our past life themes. The Nodes bring an insatiable appetite to Jupiter because of previous experiences and memories. He probably can never get enough with that alignment. The other red line is from the business guy Saturn in the house of humanity to the healer Neptune on the right. Will he use some of his money to help the world? He is the only American among the world’s five richest people who have not signed the Giving Pledge, which was started as a philanthropic organization almost a decade ago by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Is Jeff’s challenge stinginess? Maybe.

    In summary of his red lines: Jeff‘s challenge is to expand his business and then figure out how to help the world with some of his profits.

    Now, looking at his blue lines or talents, they all go from his Capricorn planets on top to his planets in Virgo in his 5th house of business speculation. I call this a blue highway channeling the best version of Jeff. Virgo is the perfectionist of the Zodiac and is a master at organization. So, his methodical talents are in harmony with his business acumen and has created maybe the most successful company in the world. His last blue line is from the healer Neptune to his North Node in Cancer in the 3rd house of intelligence, which can be a caring mind. There is hope that he will eventually evolve into his compassion.

    In summary of his blue lines: Jeff’s talent is to contribute his incredible business ideas in combination with his organizational skills to create a successful  company and also help the world.


    Bill Gates

    Now let’s get to know the chart of Bill Gates of Microsoft fame. It’s always so interesting to see how unique everyone’s charts are and how different the look from each other. Where Jeff’s planets were clustered at the top of the chart, check out all Bill’s planets at the very bottom of his chart. This chart is much more private than Jeff’s chart. Bill has his Sun is the secretive sign or Scorpio, his Moon in assertive Aries and an emotional Cancer rising.

    His Sun is at the bottom right next to the healer, Neptune. That is so interesting since he’s the main supporter and financial backer of the Covid vaccination push happening in the world now. He also financially backs the CDC and WHO. Even though it is involved with healing, often Neptune next to the Sun has issues with transparency and can be a bit on the sneaky side. Scorpio is known for keeping secrets. This virus has a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding it from the very beginning. His Sun and Neptune have a challenging red line to the inventor Uranus in Leo on the left. Uranus is involved with new technologies and dominated the market with computer software, like Windows.

    His other red line is from Mars and Mercury in Libra down there in his 3rd house of mentality opposite his feisty Aries Moon. He’s obviously very smart and since the Moon represents the emotions of society, he knows how to communicate to the masses and is used to getting what he wants. That alignment is perfect for an inventor of ideas, but it also has a tendency to force his ideas onto the world.

    In summary of his red lines: Bill’s challenge is to invent software to change society without being pushy with his ideas. He also needs to be honest and transparent with his motives.

    Now, looking at Bill’s blue lines, we see a positive alignment between the inventor Uranus and the slightly aggressive Aries Moon. This is the signature of a true inventor of new ideas and technologies to present to humanity. He sure has done that with Microsoft. His other blue line or talent is using his Mercury mind to influence humanity.

    In summary of his blue lines: Bill’s talents are how the ideas from his brilliant mind are meant to change the way the world things and operates.


    Mark Zuckerberg

    And finally, we’ll get to know the fascinating chart of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. This social media and networking platform reportedly had more than 2.3 Billion monthly users as of 2018, which I’m sure it is much more by now.

    Mark’s Sun is in hard-working Taurus with a Full Moon in strategic Scorpio and an organized Virgo rising sign. What jumps out of Mark’s chart? He has all his red lines in mostly one spot, which are between the houses of his money and others’ money. He has a full 60% of his planets in houses of money. Plus, the signs of Taurus and Scorpio are the money signs anyway and are in money houses. It’s no wonder he is net worth over 96 Billion.

    Starting with Mark’s red lines, he has lucky Venus and smart Mercury in others’ money, which both attract good luck with money. Along with his Sun, they all oppose the Scorpio grouping in the 2nd house. He has the mogul Pluto, next to business Saturn, next to the intuitive Moon all to be topped off with aggressive Mars in intense Scorpio. That is a formidable group of characters. Often the sign of Scorpio hides secrets and Facebook has gotten into trouble for the worst privacy scandal in history after it was discovered that a data-mining firm stole the personal information for 87 million people to influence the 2016 presidential election. Facebook got into trouble for not protecting people’s privacy. All very Scorpio.

    In summary of his red lines: Mark’s challenge is to make money with his creative ideas without keeping secrets from everyone.

    Now let’s look at his blue lines from his 4th house of his homelife to that powerful house of others’ money. At the bottom are successful Jupiter and creative Neptune, both in his 4th house of his homelife. He has lucky Jupiter aligned beautifully with the money magnet Venus for unbridled financial success. Also, the creative Neptune connects with dynamic Mercury in Aries to help him come up with inventive ideas that can also make money. Ok, he has a money chart.

    Mark is happily married to his wife and they have two children. So, he is easily taking care of his family financially, which is important to him. He has also donated lots of money to philanthropy. Good for him!

    In summary of his blue lines: Mark’s talents are making money for his family through innovative ideas and giving some of that wealth to philanthropy.


    With these powerful charts, these high-tech moguls have earned the title Axis of Technology. They are all destined to have this life and contribute, in their own ways, to the advancement of society. They are all brilliant and innovative, which was the theme in all their charts. Jeff’s Capricorn makes him excellent at logistics and organization. Bill’s Scorpio allows him to go deep inside and discover mysteries. Mark’s incredibly driven chart will make anything successful.

    The question is – have they crossed the antitrust line? The could all have contributed their unique genius to help humanity without inhibiting competition. All three of them will buy young, inventive companies that they see as a threat to them. So why not just buy them and either incorporate their ideas or just bury the new concepts to never be seen again? Is that the proper way to expand your business?

    My research with their transits easily shows this investigation and that it will last for a couple of years and be a major turning point in all their businesses. This is just the beginning of a long process that will be fascinating to watch. Guaranteed to be an exciting show.


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