What's Up for Your Sign during Aquarius?


    Happy Birthday, Aquarius. This will be quite a birthday month for you. Everyone is talking about the sign of Aquarius now, since both Jupiter and Saturn recently moved into Aquarius on the exact same day of December 21st. Celebrate your new life. If things haven’t changed drastically already . . . guaranteed they will.


    This month your ruling planet, Neptune, is aligned with the Moon’s Nodes almost exactly. The Nodes are points that relate to your past patterns and how they can change into your current, new patterns. Take this month to release any deep-seated themes that you want to release. If you do that this month, they will be gone forever.


    How exciting for you, dear Aries, to have Mars finally gone from your sign. He was there for months and months and you should feel free now. If you have been having a stressful time, that is changing. Focus on what you want to accomplish and that is what will happen now. Finally.


    Mars is now in your sign of Taurus and will be there until March 4th. This month will start with a real bang with Mars joining Uranus, the planet of surprises on January 20th and 21st. Stay calm, because those days will be full of potential chaos. Stay calm.


    Your power date will be the last week in January, dear Gemini. Not only will you feel brilliant, but you will be able to accomplish your genius ideas easily. You will likely be working in collaboration with some other brilliant minds too. This will be a time of mental joy for you!


    This will be a month for you to encourage and grow your community. Your family will be expanding into a larger group and yes, you will be the one to bring everyone together. The end of January will start your new, extended family. Lucky you.


    The Full Moon will be in Leo this month and will occur on January 28th. That will be the beginning of a long weekend and you can celebrate the entire time with something special. This will be the first Full Moon of the New Year of 2021, so make it Leo special.


    The last few days of January into the first few days of February is your time this month. You will feel a combination of creativity with your usual organizational skills. Plan to create something beautiful, even if it is on your computer. Digital art is favored.


    Early February will bring an expanded awareness to you, sweet Libra. You will feel flashes of brilliance, especially when you are talking with other creative people. Spend some quality time collaborating with your colleagues and you will invent some new ideas that will wow everyone. This will more than likely change your life.


    Early February will bring an almost shocking new phase to your life. Things will be different and may never return to the same routine after that. It will involve others who will be encouraging you to change. Be open to something new because it’s inevitable.


    Your Sagittarian spirit is always looking out into the world for more excitement and joy. The first week in February will bring an inward focus. If you want to do art, write, meditate or yoga, this is the time to go inside. You could easily incorporate this new addition to your life. Don’t worry, Sag, it won’t take away from your wild side.


    You are now free, dear Capricorn. The only planet that is still in your sign is Pluto, who will remain there for a couple of years still. But at least the rest of the Capricorn Party has now entered Aquarius. Pluto, the planet of strength, will ensure you will continue with your ambitious quest.


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