What's Up for Your Sign During Aquarius?


    Happy Birthday, dear Aquarius. This will be an exciting birthday month for you. The Moon joins Venus and Saturn the last week of January. Plan to be with your besties during those days. The energy will be heartfelt and  intimate.


    Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your sign of Pisces on January 27th and will remain there until February 20th. Pamper yourself with art, music, food, luxury and sensual experiences. Try to stay in a dreamland as much as you can.


    How is Jupiter treating you? Once every 12 years Jupiter goes through your sign and expands how you see things. This is a combination of fearlessness. You know you can do anything you want now. Just do it.


    The last couple of the days of January will likely bring you a surprise. Be as flexible as your Taurus will allow. Rolling with the flow doesn’t come easily to you but this is a time to embrace it. Be open to change and new inspiration.


    The last few days in January and the first few days in February is your power time this month, dear Gemini. The Aquarius Sun is aligning with your Gemini Sun to bring your extra excitement. Try something that you’re never done before, just for the fun of it.


    Other planets in water signs are forming a perfect triangle to your Sun in Cancer this month. Venus is one of them and will bring a sense of serenity and calm. See if you can do things that are cozy and comfortable. Get plenty of sleep.


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Leo on February 4h and 5th. Take the first weekend in February as yours. Get dressed in your finest and strut your stuff with some good but flashy friends. Have a raucous fun time.


    Venus is opposing and Mars is squaring your Sun in Virgo. Are you feeling caught in the middle of odd relationship dynamics now? Nothing affecting your personally, but still can throw you off. Stay the centered, problem-solving Virgo that you are naturally and you’ll be fine.


    Your Libra Sun is in a Grand Trine with the other planets in air signs now. Those planets are the Sun, Saturn and Mars. If you harness their energy, you can accomplish so much this month. Stay focused.


    The main thing happening in Scorpio now is the South Node moving through your sign. The South Node is all about releasing the old so you can be reborn in a new way. It will be in Scorpio until July 2023, which is really only 5 months from now. Dig deeply, dear Scorpio, this only happens once every 19 years. Go for it.


    Mars is in Gemini now and has been retrograding and causing some conflict for you. Now that Mars has turned direct, you won’t have the obstacles that caused delays. You can move forward much fast now. Finally.


    Your Sun in Capricorn is in a nice alignment with Uranus, the planet of change. You are usually quite methodical but now feel confident enough to move forward. Be bold, dear Capricorn, and know your solid side can oversee any changes thrown your way.


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