What's Up for Your Sign During Aries?


    Happy Birthday, dear Aries. Your birthday always welcomes spring, which so many people celebrate. You have a lot to celebrate because Mercury will be in your sign from March 27 – April 11. Mercury is all about communication. Make sure to reach out to all your special friends and loved ones during this birthday month!



    Even though Taurus doesn’t like change much, the first week in April will likely bring a surprise to you regarding others. You might run into an old relationship to test you. Or you might connect with new people in a powerful way.


    Your house of publishing has several planets moving through it now. If you have a book in your head, now is the time to put it to paper. It can be a workbook or pamphlet. Gemini usually doesn’t write long, hard-to-ready books. Make it fun and easy.


    During early April there is a perfect triangle between the planets in water signs. Your sign of Cancer is aligning beautifully with the Scorpio and Pisces planets. Get together with your family and friends and do something creative. Have an art day where you provide all the paint and brushes and just have fun.


    You have a group of planets moving through your houses of money and career this month. Are you up for a promotion? Or are you being bold and decided to start a new occupation? If you follow you passion now, you will see almost instant results.


    Both Mars and Venus will be aligning with your Virgo Sun soon. If you are up for a change in your love life, these planets just might bring that to you. Your artistic side is wanting to emerge also. Open up to new beginnings, dear Virgo.


    The Full Moon will happen in your sign of Libra on April 16th. There are many planets in Pisces now, so you might want to have a Full Moon party around art. Maybe go to an art opening or a concert. Shopping is also a good Full Moon birthday activity.


    There is a large group of planets moving through your 5th house of Fun Times. Even though your Scorpio is private, this is the month to venture out and try something unusual and a bit adventurous. If you are up for a short road trip, now is the time.


    Your home life is the focus this month. The Sag in you is quite adventurous and gets distracted easily. Choose a project you have been wanting to accomplish at home and just get it done. Your will be so proud of what you did.


    Your mind is the center of attention this month. Do you have a project you want to start regarding writing? If not, use this mental energy to organize your paperwork of office. If your bookshelf is calling you, it might be time to clear it out and give some books away.


    Mars and Venus are still in Aquarius until April 15th. You have time to straighten out any love life situations before then. Or if your love life is good, turn your attention to art or beauty. Are you up for a spa day?


    There are quite a few planets in Pisces now, but the most important ones are Jupiter and Neptune. On April 12th, they joined each other in Pisces. Jupiter will open new doors for you and all you have to do it to tell the Universe what you want. Be specific and think Big!


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