What's Up for Your Sign during Aries?


    Happy Birthday, dear Aries. Spring is your time of the year since Aries always begins this new season. You are also in luck this year because beautiful Venus is in Aries until April 14th. Make sure to pamper yourself to the max now. You deserve a special gift . . . don’t you agree?


    Venus is your planet, sweet Taurus and she will be going through your sign starting mid-April until May 8th. If you are in the mood to create or even buy some art, now is your time. Is romance in the air? Very likely.


    Mars is in your sign of Gemini until April 24th, so you still have plenty of time to produce your Gemini opus. The planets are lining up perfectly for you to do that writing that has been trying to get out of your head onto paper. Just do it.


    With planets moving through your 12th house of introspection, you might feel more in the mood to hibernate than to go out much in the world now. Don’t feel guilty if your crab just wants to crawl into its shell. Feel cozy and appreciate the peace and quiet. If you house if busy, find a nook and call it yours.


    You might see others who are close to you pulling back. Don’t feel bad because it’s not your fault. They are just very preoccupied with their personal issues. In fact, reach out and see if you can help.


    You will hear extra chatter in your mind towards the end of March. Some of the thoughts are brilliant ideas but the rest is just noise. Try to get lots of rest and even take a nap when you feel tired. Give yourself a break and please do not over work.


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Libra on the weekend of March 27th. See if you can get out in nature and howl at the Moon. Your typical Libra personality is calm and balanced but see if you can get just a little wild this weekend. You know you want to.


    The Scorpio in you loves quiet and privacy and you will need lots of it on March 30th – 31st. Plan to put yourself into hiding so you won’t even have to deal with people for a little while. You need some time off and those would be the perfect days to indulge in yourself.


    Early April will be a bit jarring for you, dear Sag. You will want to go somewhere and do something fun and might not be able to decide what to do. The Sagittarius quandary. Start planning now so you can look at all your options. You will figure it out.


    You are no longer in the limelight now that all those planets have left Capricorn and have entered Aquarius. They have moved into your house of personal money. After all those months of introspection, this is the time to come back into your power and resume your ambitious ideas.


    Aquarius, you are the sign in vogue that everyone is talking about now. Both Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, which is a rare event. This is your time to start new projects and to think Big! Take advantage of the opportunities coming your way now. It won’t last forever.


    Mercury is in your sign of Pisces until April 4th. Since Mercury brings brilliance, now is your window in time to write, create, connect and initiate. Is your mind a bit restless now? See if you can channel your ideas into reality.


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