Astrology During the sign of Cancer

    The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 20 at 8:36 p.m., Mountain Time. Cancer is a water sign associated with the Moon. This sign of the Zodiac loves family, friends and food. They are the nurturers and often are therapists, nurses, chefs, interior designers and devoted parents. Emotions rule this loving water sign who needs to feel safe with money in the bank and food in the cupboards. If you get a chance to go to a dinner cooked by a Cancer, lucky you. Make sure to bring a little present of thanks. This sign gets its feelings hurt quite easily.

    Welcome to the Summer Solstice! The sign of Cancer always welcomes the beginning of summer. This is the day when the Sun is highest in the sky with the longest day of sunlight, in the northern hemisphere. It’s winter in the southern hemisphere. Regardless, many cultures have celebrations and perform rituals on the Summer Solstice. The change of seasons is experienced by everyone in the world and is one of the celestial events that unites humanity.

    We will have an exquisite pairing of planets this month. Brilliant Venus and reddish Mars will join exactly on July 13th in the evening sky. Go out and watch the Sun set in the west and look up a bit along the Ecliptic and you will easily see both Venus and Mars. They join in the sign of Leo, which sounds like parties to me. Invite people to the backyard to see this spectacle. It doesn’t happen often and could have easily occur in the predawn sky, which isn’t as conducive for a viewing party.

    Venus is about the arts, music, creativity and love. Mars relates to activity, movement, initiation and sports. Venus represents the feminine archetype and Mars is the male version. For any lovers out there, this would be a great time to get married and have a big celebration. Artists and architects are also favored. If you are in the mood to renovate or remodel your home, please do it around this time.

    About the visible planets, Venus and Mars will be the main viewing event this month. Don’t miss them! For early risers, Jupiter and Saturn are still in the predawn sky and are moving towards the western side of the Ecliptic.


    See you in Leo!


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