What's Up for Your Sign during Cancer?


    Happy Birthday! This will be a sweet month for you because of the New Moon in Cancer on July 10th. Loving Venus and exciting Mars will be holding hands in the sky with the New Moon. Make sure to see them after sunset. This month will bring you some unexpected thrilling events. Be open to new experiences and you will be happy you did.


    This will be a memorable month for you, Leo. Why? Because sexy Venus and Mars are both in Leo and will be your muses for a while. Are you feeling lucky? You should be with these amazing planets moving past your Sun at the same time. This might be the time to celebrate your birthday for two months instead of for just one month.


    Dear Virgo, you are about to have both sweet Venus and feisty Mars enter your sign. It will happen next month, but this is the time to take a deep look at your art, music, creativity and design to see what you might want to change. Also, how is your love life? All this might be different soon.


    Venus and Mars are joining now in the sky. Even though they aren’t going through Libra, you will definitely feel them. Venus, the Goddess of love, is your planet and she is being stimulated by masculine Mars. You will likely be more energetic than usual and will want to express yourself in a powerful way. Embrace this strong time and shine, dear Libra.


    Your Scorpio Sun is aligning with unpredictable Uranus and resistant Saturn this month. You might find yourself in a push and pull between staying the same or changing drastically. Maybe you are somewhere in between now. Don’t feel bad if you are in conflict now. It’s part of your evolution.


    This month is all about what is in your mind. You are not just making decisions, but also changing your beliefs. What used to be important to you is no longer that urgent. You are handling situations much more easily now, dear Sag. New priorities are calling you.


    The Full Moon is in Capricorn this month on June 24th. This only happens once a year and it is your time to look into your heart and soul. Take a little time for yourself and realize how amazing you are. The Full Moon knows you are incredible.


    Venus, the planet of love, is joining Mars, the planet of passion, this entire month. Love and excitement are in the air. This is important to you because they are in your opposite sign of Leo and therefore will be shining on your Aquarius too! If you are in the mood to redecorate or renovate your home, now is your time. Oh yes, love is also in focus.


    Your power date is the last week in June when the Moon, Jupiter and Neptune will all be in your sign of Pisces. Your imagination will be going wild with colors, new ideas and images. You are already a creative person and that side of you will blossom this month. What is your new project?


    Your Aries Sun is in a positive angle to beautiful Venus and powerful Mars this entire month. They are in the fire sign of Leo and you are the fire sign of Aries, which is a very good match. You will feel inspired this month to be more creative than usual. Also make some plans for social interactions with your loved ones. This is a great time for a little party.



    This will be a month of change for you, dear Taurus. Some family members and friends are going to need you to help them. It doesn’t have much to do with you because it’s their personal situations. You will have the right words to console them, never fear. Show your unconditional love.


    Dear Gemini, you do know how smart you are, right? Good, because this month you will be using your extraordinary intelligence. The taskmaster, Saturn, is aligning with your Gemini Sun this entire month to help you focus on a literary project. If you have something to write, now is your time. At least read that book you have been yearning for. Your curious mind will thank you.


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