What's Up for Your Sign during Cancer?


    Happy Birthday, dear Cancer. This will be a wonderful month for you since both Mercury and Venus will be in your sign. You will be reaching out to your friends and family with a lot of love. Have a special birthday party surrounded by your loved ones.


    The Moon will be going through Leo the first week in July. This would be a perfect time for a party. Invite your wildest friends and see if you can do something very adventurous. Try a new venue and rock it.


    The Moon will be in Virgo for the 4th of July celebrations. Even though you aren’t typically a party person, this might be a good time to venture out. Maybe a BBQ with friends is in your stars.


    During the second week in July both Venus and Saturn will be aligning with your Libra Sun. Venus is love and Saturn is security. Make sure to be around people that make you feel safe and happy. Choose people you have known for many years.


    Your emotions run deep but you keep them close to your chest. Your Scorpio Sun is aligning with the other emotional sign now, Cancer. So, you will feel more willing to be vulnerable this month. Choose your confidants carefully.


    There are several planets going through your house of exercise and sports now. If you want to step up your workouts, now is the time. Be adventurous and try a new style of being physical. Your body will love it.


    The Full Moon is in your sign of Capricorn this month on July 13th. Mercury is involved with this Full Moon, so you will want to connect with others and not spend it by yourself. Have chatty conversations with fun friends and you will be perfectly connected to your Full Moon.


    Saturn will be in your sign of Aquarius for the rest of 2022. This is the year to organize your business affairs. Do you need to let some situations go? If you are not enjoying the projects, release them to give room to something new. You have a few months to figure this out, dear Aquarius.


    Your Pisces Sun will form a perfect triangle with other water planets on the weekend of July 16th. This is the best time to go on a spiritual or art retreat. Even if you don’t go anywhere, make a retreat for yourself at home. You deserve some inner quiet time.


    Both Mars and Jupiter are in your sign of Aries now but Mars will be leaving on July 5th. Your Aries is always super charged and Mars has made you even stronger. It has been a very, very busy time for you and Mars leaving will calm things down a bit.


    Mars will enter Taurus on July 5th and will be there until August 20th. You are going to be experiencing some new high energy situations during this time. If you are up for home renovations or remodeling, now is your best time.


    Venus will be in Gemini from June 23rd through July 18th. This is your time to pamper yourself. Are you in the mood to buy new clothes and spoil yourself? Venus will help you do just that.


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