What's Up for your Sign during Capricorn?


    Happy Birthday, dear Capricorn. Venus is the main planet in Capricorn now and will be in your sign for quite a while. From December 20th until March 7th, Venus will be in a retrograde. Even though this is the time to change things up a bit, we want as much Venus as we can get. Focus on upgrading beauty around you.


    Jupiter has been in Aquarius for the last year and will be leaving on December 29th. Since Jupiter is all about abundance, congratulate yourself on all your achievements you have accomplished recently. Now is the time to implement your new life. Everything will be different soon and you are ready.


    Jupiter will be entering your sign of Pisces on December 29th and will be there off and on for the year of 2022. Now is your time to expand into new horizons that you have been planning for a while. Jupiter is only there one year in 12 years, so make use of this opportunity. If you are ready for a bold and new life . . . it is now upon you. All you have to do is say Yes!


    The first week in January is your power time this month. You will likely encounter authority figures who will want to tell you what to do. The Aries spirit in you never likes that. Make sure to stand up for yourself and let them know you are in charge. Your Aries will like that!


    Dear Taurus, you are in for quite a wonderful phase now. The North Node, or point of destiny, will be in Taurus starting on December 23rd and won’t leave until July 11, 2023! This only happens once every 19 years and is one of your magical eras in life. If you are planning for new business adventures, you are on the right track. Think Big!


    There are several Capricorn planets in your 8th house of other people’s money this month. One of them is Venus in retrograde. Now is the time to reanalyze your finances. Are you ready to organize your office or files? That might be a good start. New opportunities could be the result.


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Cancer on January 17th. Take your family and friends outside and be their little astrologer showing them your Full Moon. Watch the Sun set in the west and then turn around and watch the Full Moon rise in the east. It’s always an amazing event. Tell everyone how much to love them!


    You will see unusual situations occurring mid-January, even surprises. Be very flexible and ready to try something new and spontaneously. As long as you are prepared, you can handle anything. It won’t last long but might be a bit of a jolt.


    Your opposite sign is Pisces where Jupiter is now and will be for most of the year of 2022. Jupiter could easily bring you a new beginning in your life. Be open to trying new things. Your Virgo at times can be a bit shy regarding change, but this is the time to have faith and move forward. Make big plans, dear Virgo.


    The Moon will be in your sign of Libra for the last few days of 2021, when the sky is being dominated by many planets in Capricorn, who represents the long-standing patterns. Take some time to clean out and release the old year as you welcome in the new year. Try doing a big mental and physical house cleaning at that time to prepare for 2022!


    The Moon will be going through Scorpio from December 28th – 30th. You might want to take time for yourself and not go out and party with your friends for the New Year celebrations. Your Scorpio loves privacy anyway and this will give you a wonderful time to reflect on 2021 to prepare you for the new year of 2022.


    The Moon will be going through your sign of Sagittarius and will be joining Mars, who is also in Sag on New Year’s Eve! If you are in the mood to party and be with your friends, this is your year to celebrate. Are you ready for a holiday? Try at least a fun road trip to a new destination that you have not visited before. Be adventurous, dear Sag.


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