What's Up for Your Sign During Gemini?


    Happy Birthday, dear Gemini! This month opens up with your planet, Mercury, in retrograde motion. Mercury turns direct on June 2nd, so organize as many things as you can by that date. Release what is no longer needed and you will feel free.


    The first week in June is a very cozy time for you. Focus on beautifying your home and surroundings. If you are up for painting a room or rearranging furniture, now is the time. Bold and bright might be a nice change.


    Early in June you will likely be confronted by authority figures. They are just trying to do their job. Even though it is annoying, you will still be in charge. Stand up tall to let them know you are doing the right thing.


    Your Virgo Sun is aligning nicely with other planets in earth signs. In fact, there is a perfect triangle in the sky the second week in June. Use all this earthy energy to accomplish a project you have been wanting to finish. Tackle a hard one and you will see how easily it will be completed.


    Both Mars and Jupiter in Aries and are opposing your Libra Sun this month. You will feel more energy than you have felt in quite a while. In fact, you might be a bit anxious about all the things getting thrown at you right now. Know that it’s all meant to be and that you will handle it beautifully.


    This month will bring an energy of determination, passion and ambition. You will easily accomplish projects that seemed too hard before. They somehow will become clear to you so you can finish them. Business favored.


    The Full Moon will occur in Sagittarius on June 13th. If you are in the mood for a short road trip, now is the time. Go somewhere you have never visited before. You will feel more adventurous than normal. Have big fun!


    There are several planets in Taurus now that your earthy Capricorn is positively aligned with this entire month. Nature is calling you so see if you can find a good place to take a hike. Push yourself a bit and you will see that you are stronger than you realized.


    The Moon is in Aquarius and joining Saturn mid-June. Even though you are an adult, you feel like you are maturing into another person now. Things are not bothering you as much as they used to. You feel an inner strength . . . and it’s here to stay.


    All the Pisces planets that have been in your sign for the last couple of months have now left. This is a good time to reflect on all you have learned. It happened on an inner level, so it was a private expansion. But you have a smile because of your new awareness.


    Mars and Jupiter have both entered your sign of Aries to bring you even more energy than you normally have, which is a lot. You will either move forward easily or be overwhelmed with all you have on your plate. Don’t give into stress but see it as enthusiasm instead.


    Both Venus and Mercury are in your sign of Taurus this entire month. Venus is art and love and Mercury is communication. You will feel like being more social than you have recently and you will enjoy playing more.


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