What's Up for Your Sign During Leo?


    Happy Birthday, grand Leo. Venus is going through your sign of Leo from August 11th – September 5th. What a fabulous combination with your birthday month. Make sure you are pampering yourself now. A spa day is in your stars, absolutely. Give yourself a treat around beauty.


    Mercury is going through your sign of Virgo from August 4th -26th. This is the best time for you to organize your files and your paperwork. Archive what you are no longer using so everything is put away. You are excellent and doing this, so it should be fun for you.


    This is the month for financial opportunities, dear Libra. Keep an open mind to all possibilities around business and investments. You will be surprised with some good news that you didn’t expect. This is your lucky month.


    Early August will likely bring sudden changes to your life. It will be other people who are going through challenges and you will get caught in the middle. It’s a good thing you are involved because you will have a solution for the situation.


    Your Sagittarius will align nicely with the Leo Sun and also Jupiter in Aries. All are fire signs and will be inspiring you to move forward and fast. The projects you have been planning will all of the sudden take shape.


    Your power time this month is mid-August. Your Sun will connect nicely with other planets also in earth signs. You will feel industrious and ready to tackle the projects that you have been avoiding. Now is the time to just finally finish them. You know what I am talking about.


    The Full Moon is in your sign of Aquarius on August 11th. Saturn is next to the Full Moon, so this isn’t going to be a wild and crazy one. You will probably feel more private and will want to attend to person matters. Plan for a cozy time.


    Your creativity is coming out in unusual ways now. You are more in the mood for writing. This month is an excellent time to put your words to paper or the computer. Have you ever tried doing calligraphy? That might be a nice combination of art and the word.


    Your Aries is being stimulated by both Jupiter in Aries and the Sun going through Leo now. You will have more energy than even normal, which is a lot. You will be excited about starting something new. What are your dreams? Now is the time to know you can create them.


    Mars will be in your sign of Taurus until August 20th. You are feeling energized and are ready to change some things in your life. What is creating anxiety in you? This is the time to boldly tackle the cause and break the pattern for the last time.


    You are in for quite the ride, dear Gemini. Mars will be entering your sign of Gemini on August 20th and won’t leave all the way until March 25th, 2023. Why is it that long? Mars will be doing a retrograde for much of that time. Prepare for something new because many opportunities will be coming your way.


    Venus will be in your sign of Cancer until August 12th. Squeeze in as much pampering as you can before that time. A mani, pedi and maybe even a spa day is in your future, or do you want a shopping spree? The choice is yours but you know you must do something for yourself.


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