What's Up for Your Sign During Libra?


    Happy Birthday, dear Libra. Mercury will be retrograde the first half of this month. Since this is your birthday month, that makes it an exciting time to do some upgrades in your life. What do you want more of in your life? Focus on that it will happen.


    This month you will feel like authority figures are trying to tell you what to do. Of course, you don’t want to do what they are almost insisting. Stand your ground. You know what is best for your situation. You don’t need to tell everyone about your life. Privacy is the Scorpio superpower.


    Yes, Mars is still opposing your Sagittarius Sun and will be there for quite a while. Mars will doing a retrograde from November 1st through January 12, 2023. That entire time Mars will be in Gemini, which is opposite to your Sag. Use this time to move forward in your life. This opportunity doesn’t happen often.


    The first week in October is your power time this month. Your Capricorn Sun aligns with Uranus and Mercury who are both in earth signs. They all will form a perfect triangle early October. You will be able to accomplish extraordinary accomplishments in record time.


    Saturn is in Aquarius now and will be there until March 2023. Saturn will help you mature into the best version of yourself. It will take hard work, but you know that you can do it. You will be a new and improved person on the other end.


    Mars is square to your Pisces Sun, which might be causing you a bit of anxiety. Refocus that Mars to useful energy and you can move forward nicely. Decide your direction and just do it. Both Mars and your Pisces Sun will be happy you did.


    The Full Moon will be in Aries on October 9th. Venus is right next to the Sun, so you will be experiencing art, beauty or even love around around that time. Go outside and see the Full Moon rising, which is always a magical sight, especially when it’s in your sign of Aries. Yes, you can howl at the Moon!


    During the last couple of months, several doors have opened up to you. Are you in a learning curve that you are enjoying? If not, reach out and take a class or start a new project that challenges you. Who knows, it might be part of your future.


    Mars is going through Gemini now and triggering off your Gemini Sun. There is a beautiful alignment of your Sun and Mars who are trine to both the current Sun in Libra as well as Saturn in Aquarius. They are forming an air Grand Trine in the sky. This will bring sudden opportunity to you. All you have to do it grab it.


    The house of your home and environment is being transited now. This is a good month to do renovations on your home and surroundings. Bring more beauty to your world. Paint walls to brighten things up. Buy flowers. Have a housewarming party.


    Your Leo Sun will shine brightly this month. Others will notice your light and will want to be with you. More than likely, you will have business opportunities presented to you. Don’t take them unless you are in charge, of course the Leo in you already knew that.


    Mars has been square you Sun in Virgo for the last month. Have you felt more energized? You’d better get used to it because Mars will be retrograding and triggering off your Virgo Sun from now all the way until March 2023. Be bold, dear Virgo. Now is your time.


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