What's Up for Your Sign during Pisces?


    Happy Birthday, sweet Pisces! This will be a luscious birthday month for you. Venus will be going through your sign from February 26th – March 21st, which is the best time for pampering. Do a spa day for yourself at your home while taking time to honor yourself. Art and music are also favored during this dreamy time.


    For the last few months Mars has been going through Aries to clear things out. Now that Mars has left Aries and has entered Taurus, this is the time to implement the new projects that have been brewing for the last few month. Do it now, Aries. You are ready and you know it.


    Are you feeling energized, Taurus? You should because Mars is going through your sign from now until early March. Now is the time to tackle difficult or daunting situations with a sense of determination. Mars, the warrior, is on your side -- so you will succeed.


    Mars is in Gemini from March 6 – April 24, which will boost your already dynamic Gemini high energy. Make sure you have something to create or you might find yourself walking in circles. Your writing and artistic skills will blossom if you can focus all that exciting energy. Breathe.


    With many planets moving through your house of money right now, this is your month to reorganize your finances. What is working and what isn’t? Doing some housecleaning there and in your office is a good thing to do now.


    The party of planets now in Aquarius is triggering off your Leo Sun now and for quite a while in the future. What changes are you ready to make? Fasten your seatbelt, because they could happen faster than you might think. Be prepared because the new beginnings are almost here.


    The Full Moon will happen in your sign of Virgo on February 26th. Venus is involved with this Full Moon, so it will be a bit more tender than a normal Virgo Moon. If you are in the mood to reorganize and decorate your surroundings, now is the perfect time. Your creativity will be flowing nicely.


    Early March is your power time this month. You will feel different about yourself in a new, deeper way. Be open to experiencing your life in an unusual style during this time. You might want to go through your closet and give some things away to jump start the change.


    The first week in March will rock your world. Be prepared for some unexpected news that will shock you at first. You will soon realize how perfect this surprise is to help move you forward. You will be compelled to make a sudden change.


    Sagittarius is the traveler of the Zodiac, which has probably been hard on you with all these lockdowns. There is always a solution in astrology. The weekend of March 5th is a great time for a road trip. Travel somewhere new so you get that old feeling of adventure back into your soul.


    Now that the Capricorn Party has become the Aquarius Party, you no longer have that pressure of all those planets sitting on your Sun. The ideal is to have released patterns from the past during the difficult last year. Now is the time to regroup and start fresh. The hardest part is over and you’ve done a fabulous job, Capricorn.


    We now have an Aquarius Party or a large grouping of planets in your sign. You will be put more into the limelight now that you have been in a long time, maybe ever. How do you want to reinvent yourself? What is the most ideal version of you? This is the phase to create that new and improved person.


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