What's Up for Your Sign During Scorpio?


    Happy Birthday, Scorpio. This will be a powerful birthday month for you because there is a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th. Uranus, the planet of sudden change is involved. See how much you can change and how fast you can do it. As a result, you will feel free.


    There are several planets in your house of the unconscious mind now. You will want to spend some precious time alone to ponder your part in the Universe. Take plenty of time to commune with nature. Rest and meditate more than usual.


    The Capricorn in you likes business and getting things done, but this month you will be drawn to art and creativity. Make sure to take quiet time to bolster up your creative juices. You might even want to take an art class. Who knows, there might me a hidden artist in you that is ready to emerge.


    Your Aquarius Sun will be the center point of both of the Eclipses occurring this month. There will be a Solar Eclipse on October 25 and a Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. See this month as a time for change for you. It might be sudden change, which your Aquarius Sun will embrace. Happy new beginnings!


    Jupiter is doing a retrograde and backing up into Pisces from October 28th until December 21st. Jupiter stirs things up so you can start something fresh. Most of your expansion already happened during the last few months. This is just a topper on that to finish the last tiny details. You are almost there, sweet Pisces.


    You have a large group of planets in your house of others’ money now. This is an auspicious time to do some business deals. If they aren’t happening yet, at least write a business plan for your ideal project. There is money in the air, dear Aries.


    There will be a Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th, which happens to be the midterm elections. It’s going to be an unusual day, so make sure you are in a good space, physically and emotionally. Depending on your location, you might be able to see the total Eclipse.


    Mars will be in your sign of Gemini until March 2023 because of Mars turning  retrograde. Now is one of your best chances to make momentous changes in your life. Tackle the hard stuff because you are feeling very strong now. Mars will see to that!


    Most of the planets are in water signs now and are strengthening your watery Cancer Sun. This is your month to feel grateful for all your have. You are surrounded by people who love you and this is the time to give back. Have an early holiday party for your favorite loved ones.


    Leo is one of the signs of the Zodiac that is involved with the two Eclipses this month. There will be a Solar Eclipse on October 25th and a Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. You will have a few surprises this month as a result. Know that all the changes are meant to be.


    This month will be about relationships for you. Both your family as well as other people will be depending on you more now. You are the perfect person to bring a needed calm to the situation. You will shine.


    Your Libra Sun is forming a perfect triangle with both Mars and Saturn, who are all in Air signs, just like you. Saturn is about business and getting things done. Mars is about doing it in a fast and effective manner. This will be a powerful month for you, dear Libra.


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