What's Up for Your Sign During Taurus?


    Happy Birthday, dear Taurus. Mercury, the planet of education, is going through your sign of Taurus from April 10th – 29th. This is the perfect time to have a birthday party where everyone gets a chance to learn something new. Have fun!


    Your planet, Mercury, will be doing a retrograde in Gemini from May 10th until June 2nd. Plan to make changes in several different areas. Cleaning up your office and paperwork is an obvious area for Gemini. In addition, look inside and see what you want to release. Freedom will be the result!


    The weekend of May 6th has a perfect triangle between your Sun and other planets in water signs. This is The weekend to have a dinner for your friends and family. In fact, have a party. Invite your closest friends and have the focus around food.


    Creativity is in the air for you this month, dear Leo. Your sign is a natural entertainer and now is the time for you to show off a bit. Or maybe show off a lot. At least get dressed up and strut your stuff in the world. Everyone will take notice.


    There is a large group of planets in Pisces, which is the sign that is opposite your Sun in Virgo. You will feel more creative and more spiritual than usual. Are you ready to take that yoga class you have been thinking about? If not, focus on art and beauty.


    Venus is in your opposite sign of Aries now and is spicing up your Sun in Libra. Venus is the planet of love and affection and will be bringing you beauty all month long. Pay attention to the kindness coming your way from all directions.


    The Full Moon will occur in your sign of Scorpio on May 16th. This is not just a Full Moon but a Total Lunar Eclipse. Depending on your location, you might be able to see the Eclipse. If you are in the US, South America or Europe, you are in luck. Make as many changes as you can during the week of the Eclipse. Go deep!


    This is a fitness month for you, dear Sag. Are you in your optimum shape or do you need to firm up a bit? The planets are lining up very nicely for you to make changes that will last. Look at your lifestyle and see what needs updating.


    Capricorn is an earth sign and is being brought to life by all the planets that are in earthy Taurus now. Are you up for planting a garden or flowers? Or if you want to do renovations to your home, now is the time.


    Saturn is in Aquarius now and will be a main planet in 2022. All the Eclipses will involve Saturn, which means it will also involve Aquarius. Saturn is the authority figure and you will be called upon to stand up and take charge this year. No worries, you’re ready.


    There are more planets in Pisces now that in any other sign. The slow planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are both there to bring new opportunities to you. In addition, Mars and Venus are also there to bring creativity and love. This will be an amazing month for you, dear Pisces.


    Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be moving through your sign of Aries from May 3rd – 28th. This is your month to pamper yourself. Buy new spring clothes or invest in some art. Without a doubt, schedule a spa day with a friend. You can thank Venus for it.


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