What's Up for Your Sign During Virgo?


    Happy Birthday, dear Virgo. Mars is squaring your Virgo Sun this month to energize you. If you are up for a new exercise regime or starting to work with a trainer, this is the birthday to do it. You will feel strong physically as well as emotionally. This will be an excellent birthday month for you.


    Mercury will be doing a retrograde in your sign of Libra from September 11th – 30th. This is the time to rethink your patterns, especially in relationships. Are you happy with your love life? If not, it might be time to change patterns so you can get more what you want.


    Dear Scorpio, you are in a long, fairly intense time now of introspection. The South Node, or point of karmic release, is in Scorpio now and will be active until at least the end of the year. This is your time to dig deeply inside and see who you truly are. Some letting go will happen and it’s all meant to be, so go for it.


    Your Sun in Sagittarius is now being opposed my feisty Mars. You might feel more agitated than normal, but instead of fretting, use this fast energy to move forward. If you focus yourself, you can accomplish your projects during this time.


    The Sun is now in earthy Virgo which is combining nicely with your earthy Capricorn. This would be a suitable time to get out in nature. Go on a hike and enjoy the good fall weather. Test how strong your stamina is, which is one of your strengths. Your spirit will thank you.


    Stable Saturn is in your sign of Aquarius now and is square to the rebel, Uranus. You will feel a conflict between the old and the new. Do you want to maintain the status quo or do you want to change things up a bit? You could actually do a bit of both. Regardless, it is a time for renewal.


    The Full Moon is in your sign of Pisces on September10th. The Moon is joining Neptune and is a set up for a dreamy, relaxing Full Moon. Sleep in late. Meditate. Make a pot of soup and be cozy. No partying for you, dear Pisces.


    Mercury retrograde is opposing your Sun this month. This will have you changing your mind and making a few big decisions. You don’t need to worry about it, because it will become very clear as what you need to do. Yes, you will feel relieved.


    You are wanted to move forward and are feeling held back by others and maybe even the world. Guess what, dear Taurus, you are in charge. Even though others might not be happy with your choice, you need to do it anyway. Change is inevitable.


    Mars is doing a fairly rare retrograde and is turning backwards in your sign of Gemini. You always want to move forward, but you might have to take a detour now. Mars will be retrograde all the way until March 25th, 2023, so you have plenty of time to make these changes. They will likely be big deals, so prepare by deciding what you want to do that is new.


    There are several planets in your house of communication, so this is your month to reach out to your family and friends. Yes, a potluck dinner might be in the stars. Invite people who might not know each other and see what happens.


    This is a month where relationships will rule. To whom do you feel close? Are there people you need to release? Now is the time to make those decisions. They might not be easy to make, but it will become apparent what you need to do. What makes you happy will be what you need.


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