Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor: Astrology for the New Royal Baby

    Regardless of all the recent drama between Meghan, Harry, Oprah and the Royal family, everyone is always excited to welcome a new baby. Her full name is Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. This little one was named after the Queen mother’s nickname as well as Princess Diana, so she has a great start in life. They are going to call her Lili. What does her royal chart look like?

    Lilibeth was born on June 4, 2021 at 11:40 am in Santa Barbara, California. Lili’s Sun is in perky Gemini, her Moon is in outspoken Aries with a confident Leo rising sign. In addition, she was born just a few days before a Solar Eclipse which makes her chart even more powerful. I can see by her chart that she is a combination astrologically of both her mother and father. I think I’ll compare Lili’s chart to her parents for my Leo newsletter. Why is her chart powerful? Let’s get to know it.

    The first thing I notice in Lili’s chart is the large grouping of planets at the top of her chart. She has her Sun, North Node and Mercury, all in Gemini, all in the 10th house of career or reputation. This is the house of recognition and public presence and hers is quite special. Her Sun in Gemini means she will be talkative and very smart but it’s even better with the North Node right next to her Sun. The Nodes are intersecting points between the Sun and Moon and when they all align, there is an Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse was on June 10th so Lili was born in the Eclipse week. The North Node signifies destiny and shows that her destiny is to be prominent in the world. In addition, her Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in verbal Gemini. She is smart and has a lot to tell the world. This is often seen in the chart of an author.

    Lili’s Moon is in Aries, the sign of the warrior. She will be a leader and is interested in starting new ventures. She’s bold and maybe slightly rebellious. Her Moon is in a fire sign that is enhanced by her fiery Leo rising. Leo is the entertainer of the Zodiac and it is likely she will follow in her mother’s footsteps in that regard.

    In the center of her chart is the geometric configuration of the planets at her moment of birth. The red lines explain her lifetime challenges and the blue lines show her talents and gifts. She has four red lines and let’s start ones pointing to her Gemini planets at the top. The red line going from her Sun down to the 4th house, is all about her public life and how that needs to balance with her private life. Because of Harry’s history, he and Meghan will obviously be very protective of her. The short red line up there is a square from her mental Mercury to the sensitive planet Neptune. Interestingly enough, Harry has this exact same angle. Neptune often brings an insecurity and fear with it. She will be looking over her shoulder to make sure all is well, just like her father.

    This next red line is very strong and is feisty Mars in her 11th house opposing powerful Pluto. Pluto represents authority figures and the fighter, Mars, won’t stand for it. She will challenge people in change who are trying to control her. The Monarchy is a great example and could act as the Pluto in her chart.

    Her last red line is the main planetary alignment for 2021. All the babies born this year will have in this strong square in their charts. Structured Saturn is square to the rebellious Uranus. Saturn wants to maintain the status quo and Uranus is here to break the rules. In a post pandemic world, these planets are trying to move forward while keeping a bit of tradition. Saturn is the old and Uranus is the new. The energies of Saturn and Uranus couldn’t be more different from each other. Stodgy Saturn and the futuristic Uranus . . . how do they get along? They just don’t understand each other. Lili, and the little ones born this year, are here to help move the world forward in a new way. It’s not an easy job, but they gladly accepted the challenge.

    In summary: Her red lines show a public figure who will strongly challenge tradition to make things more modern.

    Now let’s look at Lili’s blue lines or talents. Starting up with her Gemini planets, she has two trines or blue lines to determined Saturn in her 6th house. Her Saturn is in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Once again, all the 2021 babies have Saturn in independent Aquarius. This group of souls came here to help change the world. I do admit, we have messed it up on a lot of levels, so this new group will help fix what we did wrong. Hard-working Saturn will be focused on Aquarian ideals. What is Aquarius? This is the sign of the future. New technologies, inventions, global community and grassroots are all part of Aquarius.

    Lili has this strong Saturn enhancing and helping her Sun and Gemini planets. She will be very focused on projects and will work on them until completion. No quitter here. She will be disciplined, ambitious, hard-working and perseverant. She will be a force of nature.

    Luckily, there is always a balance in the chart. Even though Lili is very strong, she also has a big heart. Both her Venus and Mars are in the nurturing sign of Cancer, which gives her a gentleness of spirit. Her loving Venus is trine to generous Jupiter in the 7th house of relationships. Venus and Jupiter are often seen like this in a chart of a philanthropist. It is easy to see that she will be involved with their family foundation, Archewell. Lili wants to help the world and Venus and Jupiter will be allies in that goal.

    Mars in her 11th house has a blue line to Neptune, the healer. This combination is part of her that wants to heal others. This is a strong theme with many of her blue lines. Her determination will focus on concern for society. She was born into a good family that will support her desire for uplifting people.

    Her last blue line is from her feisty Aries Moon to her South Node in her 4th house of early home life. The South Node brings up issues with the past, which is maybe the toughest part of her chart. She will be strong and protective of her family. I’ve named the South Node a hangover from past lives. Being named after Princess Diana, definitely brings that to the forefront in her life.

    In summary: Her blue lines explain her determined goal of being of service to the world while still maintaining a private life.

    To summarize her chart: Lili will use her intelligence and public recognition to transform the old ways into the new paradigm of the future. All this will happen as she maintains privacy and speaks her mind.

    Welome, miss Lili. It is guaranteed that the world will be watching you carefully as you grow up.

    Lili is a perfect combination of both of her parent’s charts. I’ll compare them for the next newsletter.


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