Meghan and Harry: An Aquarian Love Story

    Synchronicity is fascinating to watch. As I prepared to write this article about Meghan and Harry, his grandfather, Prince Philip, passed away. All this happens after the compelling and quite shocking interview with Oprah, which revealed some juicy secrets about the Royal Family. I just finished watching the Royal funeral on CNN. Since this happened during a pandemic, the size and scope of the Prince Philip’s funeral reflected the times. It was tasteful, yet quite sad, even for a funeral. How sobering it was to watch the Queen sitting all alone during the ceremony as she grieved.

    In addition, the focus on the rift between Prince William and Harry possibly eclipsed the funeral. The Royal Family decided to have a cousin walk between them during the procession, which was a bit odd. The entire funeral was bizarrely Aquarian with all the black masks and proper social distancing, not to mention the built-in awkwardness of watching brothers at odds with each other at their grandfather’s funeral.

    How can we see this in astrology? Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius can be abrupt and a bit traumatizing. The purpose of this sign is to update what is outdated and obsolete. Out with the old and in with the new. That can be with new technology, inventions and social media. Aquarius likes to reboot everything. Aquarius can also create change through new attitudes and consciousness and changes the way society thinks. Aquarius is the collective pulse of humanity.

    All this sudden change can be a challenge for long-held traditions, like the Monarchy. There are many questions arising now. Will Queen Elizabeth abdicate the throne? Will she hand it over to the unpopular Prince Charles and Camilla? Or will she jump a generation and make Will and Kate the King and Queen? Maybe Charles will hand it over graciously to Will and Kate, bowing to the demands of the people. We’ll have to see what happens, but it will be very interesting to watch.

    One thing for sure is that Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan, who is biracial, has escalated the changes within the Monarchy. Is the Royal Family racist? Oprah’s interview posed many questions that are not easily answered. Astrology is always a good way to look at patterns, so let’s get to know the charts of Meghan and Harry. Is their Aquarian love story part of the change in the Monarchy?

    Meghan was born on August 4, 1981 at 4:46 am in Los Angles, California. Her Sun is in Leo, her Moon is in Libra with a Cancer rising sign. Looking at her chart, we can see all the planets in Leo she has in the 1st house. I would call her a grand Leo. This is the sign of the entertainer, which is perfect since she was an actress before she was a Duchess. Royalty belongs to Leo. She has the communicator Mercury next to her Sun, giving her an outspoken Leo voice. She has been an advocate for women’s rights for most of her life. Since she is biracial, she has always had to deal with racism. The North Node, her point of destiny, is in her Leo group, which means she is supposed to speak up and to a big audience.

    Her Moon is in Libra with a large group of planets in her 3rd house of communication. Libra is associated with relationships and is very strong in her chart. She is meant to be in a powerful marriage. Her rising sign is in the domestic sign of Cancer, with a focus on family and children.

    The red and blue lines in the center of every chart show the geometric configuration of the planets in the sky when a person was born. The red lines show the challenges. The blue lines explain their talents and gifts. The birth chart defines your true purpose in life.

    Meghan’s chart is an easy one to interpret since there aren’t many red or blue lines. Meghan has 2 red lines or challenges, so let’s start with her grand Leo group of planets. She is here to speak her mind to the world on a grand stage. She went from acting in movies to being a Duchess in the Royal Family. She topped it off with doing a tell-all with Oprah. Not everyone agrees with Meghan’s opinions. She attracts a real love/hate reaction from many people. I actually have clients who dislike her so much that they had me interpret Meghan’s chart and do a comparison with their chart to help them understand why she bothers them so much. That has never happened with any other celebrity, since comparison charts are mostly saved for personal relationships.

    The other end of that red line goes to the 7th house of marriage. The infamous South Node, or karmic point, is involved and is in the radical sign of Aquarius. She is meant to shake up her marriage. Also, she and Harry have been together in past lives and wanted to do it again. This lifetime she was destined to speak her mind in her marriage to make changes. For her, this didn’t just mean her husband but also the entire Monarchy.

    Her other red line goes from all those Libra planets to Mars in Cancer in the 12th house of privacy. Mars likes to make changes and in the sign of Cancer, focuses on family dynamics. So, she was supposed to disrupt the old patterns.

    One interesting observation is that Meghan has Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn joining in Libra. Does that group of planets sound familiar? Those are the planets who formed the recent Capricorn Party, only they are in Libra in her chart. Pluto is power, Jupiter is grand and Saturn is very determined. It is fascinating that Meghan and Harry left the Royal Family when these three planets joined again as the Capricorn Party.

    In summary: Her red lines or challenges are about her opening up dialogue with her husband and his family to implement sudden change.

    Now let’s get to know her blue lines, or talents. The strongest blue lines go from the Libra group of planets to her South Node in her 7th house of marriage. Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are in her chart to bring changes to her marriage. Leave it to a grand Leo to be dramatically in the public eye. Her other blue line is from her North Node to radical Uranus in her 5th house of children. North Node, her destiny, is to change how her children are to be raised. Even the name of Archie is very non-traditional for an English Royal name of a Prince. Not to mention that Archie’s grandmother is black, which is a first for this family lineage that goes back to the 10th century. Around that time is when the small kingdoms of medieval Scotland and Anglo-Saxon England were consolidated. That was 21 centuries ago and the bloodline is now changed forever.

    In summary: Her blue lines, or talents show how Meghan is here to change not only her husband’s family but also the future through her children.

    To summarize her chart: Meghan’s bold style of communication will bring changes to the way the Monarchy is perceived.

    Now let’s take a look at Prince Harry’s chart. Harry was born on September 15, 1984 at 4:20 pm in Paddington, UK. His Sun is in Virgo, his Moon is in Taurus with a Capricorn rising sign. Those are all earth signs, which is fairly rare to have all of those important parts of a chart in one element. Earth likes stability and likely explains the pomp and ceremony he has had in his life, until Meghan. Obviously, Harry’s life was rocked with the untimely death of his beloved mother, Princess Diana. (The funeral today of course brought back memories of Will and Harry walking in her procession). All those earth signs could easily bring a feeling of protection and a deep need for wanting to keep things safe and secure.

    It is easy to see that Harry was born to be in a public life. Almost all of his planets are in the top houses that relate to society and the public. Although, a Virgo with Capricorn rising can be very private. It must be tough for him to be so private with such a public chart.

    Harry has two red line patterns. Starting with the Sun at the top of his chart there are two strong red lines to Mars and Neptune on the left in the 12th house of privacy. Mars relates to stress and sometimes accidents. Neptune is often involved with fear of abandonment. In his case, he has real abandonment because of his mother being taken away so early in his life in a tragic car accident. Harry’s take away quote from the Oprah interview is that he “fears history will repeat itself”.

    His other red lines go to his intelligent Mercury in Virgo in his 8th house. He typically wants to walk a straight line and be a solid guy but Mercury is square to the rebel, Uranus. Even though he feels the responsibility of being a Royal, he had to step back and gain his independence. Why? Look at the North Node in the 5th house of children. To protect his children and family, he made the very difficult decision to leave his life in the Palace with all his inherited Royal responsibilities and move to California. He no longer wants to be called Prince Harry.

    In summary: His red lines or challenges are making difficult decisions to protect his family from possible tragedies.

    Now let’s get to know his blue lines or talents. His protective Sun has a blue line to his stable Moon in Taurus in the house of children. He is meant to be a good father and take care of his children. (Archie has a little sister who will be born this summer).

    His other blue lines go from his Mercury in organized Virgo to both spiritual Neptune and successful Jupiter on the left of his chart. When Neptune and Jupiter are together, usually that means a deep mission to help the world. He always has been interested in environmental concerns. Basically, he needs to be true to his inner self and follow his dreams and not do what others want him to do.

    In summary: His blue lines or talents lie in the area of protecting his family as well as helping heal the children of the world.

    To summarize his chart: Harry is here to make decisions that will change his life path so he can truly be of service.

    Meghan and Harry do have an Aquarius love story in that their love for each other has changed the Monarchy forever and possibly even the concept of a Monarchy. With both Jupiter and Saturn in revolutionary and independent Aquarius . . . it must be time.


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